Anirban Nanda

It was all over. Rohini and Tushar were at the beach and decided to break up as it would be impossible for them to keep alive their dream of living ‘happily-ever-after-together’. Their family would not allow them to marry as caste had always remained an important factor for selecting the ‘right’ life-partner.

They sat there silently for a long time. They knew this would be their last talk as a couple but they could not speak a word. Their voices were choked. Rohini bought a black ‘fastrack’ watch and a white rose. Tushar also bought an ‘ipod-mini’ with all their phone call recordings loaded into it and a Cadbury fruit-n-nut. They stood up from the bench and handed over the presents. A cool gusty wind waved through. Rohini threw the white rose and jumped to Tushar. They kissed and walked away holding their hands together.

©Anirban Nanda

©Copyright protected


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