Published Stuff

Online Publications


1. Purpose of Literature: A translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Sahityer Uddesyo’.  

2.Fifteen Aanas: A translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s “Ponero Aana”.


  1. City Life (published in TBLM)
  2. Broken (flash fiction, Readomania)
  3. Run, Run From Them All (Readomania)
  4. A Lagaan to be Paid (Inspired from the movie “Lagaan” (Readomania)


Print Publications

Friendship- Bonds Beyond Time

My story Homework published in this book revolves around best friends Ani and Tina. They are in sixth grade. Tina copies her homework from Ani and things are going fine till one day something has happened around the homework and their friendship is subjected to a hard test.

Defiant Dreams: Tales of Everyday Divas


Amlanation is a story that tries to explore the possibility of inducing repentance in a juvenile convict who does something horrible. Told by four narrators, this story looks at the concept of crime, guilt and punishment from several angles.

Goodreads, Facebook, Readomania Book Page.



When They Spoke


A collection stories themed on personalization of inanimate objects. My story here talks about the heroic feats of a simple tool so popular in middle-class families.

Mock, Stalk & Quarrel: A Collection of Satirical Tales

Tried a polyglot narrative to poke fun at the panchayet system in villages. Though a satire, I’d prefer to call it a slapstick humor because of the experimental language used here. It’d be indecent to not acknowledge G.V. Desani here whose H. Hatterr had inspired me to write this story.



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