Anirban Nanda

“Are you sure about this?” She asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, everyone does this.”

The boy was 21 and the girl was 16. He was a 3rd year student and she was in class 10. She didn’t want to frustrate him on the Valentine’s Day. He was asking for this for the last few years and she was really in love with him. The boy took the adolescence of the girl as an opportunity to explore a physically passionate love. The girl was curious about it. Hence, though she was doubtful and giving him a ‘no’ for a long time, in her mind she wanted to get over with it. She kept her word and gave him the best valentine gift.

***6 months later***

The kit for pregnancy test said ‘yes’ terrifying the girl tremendously. The boy was busy with campus interviews and was obviously giving less time to her. She had called him twice. She really wanted a lot of questions to be answered. Later she had got a small fraction of his precious time to talk.

“I am pregnant.” She stated slowly holding her breath.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am.”

No answer for 15 seconds.

“Ok. I think you should get an abortion. Talk to your parents. I am very busy right now and don’t try to call me again.”

“But …”

The line got disconnected. The girl could not believe her ears. She sat on the sofa hopelessly with tears falling through her soft, reddish chick. First, she was thinking of a simple solution like jumping from roof, hanging from fan etc. Right then, her mom called. She thought not to pick it up. But suddenly she felt the urge to talk to someone and touched the green button on the screen.

© Anirban Nanda


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