Anirban Nanda

It is time for the train’s arrival. It is a very long and slow goods train. The gates have fallen making the passengers at the office hours frustrated. People on the buses or taxis can only express their anguish. People with cycles and bikes are crossing the passages between the gates. Thus a large numbers of two-wheelers and bipeds have already crossed the railway crossing.

The train is now nearly 5 meters away from the crossing. So, the brave people have stopped crossing and decided to wait for few minutes and the crossing has become empty. But few people are too busy to waste their precious few minutes. Two people have passed quickly and easily. The third one is a factory labor with slippers in his feet. He is trying to run with cycle in one hand. The train is just about 3 meters away when the unexpected has happened.

His left leg has got strangled in between the tracks. The train has given a prolong honk giving warning and scaring him to death. He has become nervous. He is trying frantically to pull out his leg from the grasp of the death-rails. But it is of no use. The train is only 2 meters away and he has started crying for help. But everyone is standing still. Many are busy with recording the event in their phones. The man is screaming with watery eyes. His lips are dry. Droplets of sweat are gathering on his temples. The train is 4 feet away and he has pulled his leg for the last time. The train is just about to touch him and he successfully is able to pull out his leg and the train has marched past him slowly lynching his cycle with metallic noise.

©Anirban Nanda

©Copyright protected


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