The book Thief by MARKUS ZUSAK ( )


Four out of Five (4/5)


I love this book, its symbolism,allegory,narration and the choice of narrator. I am giving it 4 stars because the author has an opportunity to make death-the narrator a bit more intellectual. Death could shed some more thought about death and this book would become a masterpiece.

One example of such thought from the book:
“For some reason, dying men always ask questions they know the answer to. Perhaps it’s so they can die being right.”

“He killed himself for wanting to live.”

Otherwise the book is all good and an enjoyable informative tale on WW2.




Anirban Nanda

“Are you sure about this?” She asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, everyone does this.”

The boy was 21 and the girl was 16. He was a 3rd year student and she was in class 10. She didn’t want to frustrate him on the Valentine’s Day. He was asking for this for the last few years and she was really in love with him. The boy took the adolescence of the girl as an opportunity to explore a physically passionate love. The girl was curious about it. Hence, though she was doubtful and giving him a ‘no’ for a long time, in her mind she wanted to get over with it. She kept her word and gave him the best valentine gift.

***6 months later***

The kit for pregnancy test said ‘yes’ terrifying the girl tremendously. The boy was busy with campus interviews and was obviously giving less time to her. She had called him twice. She really wanted a lot of questions to be answered. Later she had got a small fraction of his precious time to talk.

“I am pregnant.” She stated slowly holding her breath.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am.”

No answer for 15 seconds.

“Ok. I think you should get an abortion. Talk to your parents. I am very busy right now and don’t try to call me again.”

“But …”

The line got disconnected. The girl could not believe her ears. She sat on the sofa hopelessly with tears falling through her soft, reddish chick. First, she was thinking of a simple solution like jumping from roof, hanging from fan etc. Right then, her mom called. She thought not to pick it up. But suddenly she felt the urge to talk to someone and touched the green button on the screen.

© Anirban Nanda



Anirban Nanda

It was all over. Rohini and Tushar were at the beach and decided to break up as it would be impossible for them to keep alive their dream of living ‘happily-ever-after-together’. Their family would not allow them to marry as caste had always remained an important factor for selecting the ‘right’ life-partner.

They sat there silently for a long time. They knew this would be their last talk as a couple but they could not speak a word. Their voices were choked. Rohini bought a black ‘fastrack’ watch and a white rose. Tushar also bought an ‘ipod-mini’ with all their phone call recordings loaded into it and a Cadbury fruit-n-nut. They stood up from the bench and handed over the presents. A cool gusty wind waved through. Rohini threw the white rose and jumped to Tushar. They kissed and walked away holding their hands together.

©Anirban Nanda

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Anirban Nanda

It is time for the train’s arrival. It is a very long and slow goods train. The gates have fallen making the passengers at the office hours frustrated. People on the buses or taxis can only express their anguish. People with cycles and bikes are crossing the passages between the gates. Thus a large numbers of two-wheelers and bipeds have already crossed the railway crossing.

The train is now nearly 5 meters away from the crossing. So, the brave people have stopped crossing and decided to wait for few minutes and the crossing has become empty. But few people are too busy to waste their precious few minutes. Two people have passed quickly and easily. The third one is a factory labor with slippers in his feet. He is trying to run with cycle in one hand. The train is just about 3 meters away when the unexpected has happened.

His left leg has got strangled in between the tracks. The train has given a prolong honk giving warning and scaring him to death. He has become nervous. He is trying frantically to pull out his leg from the grasp of the death-rails. But it is of no use. The train is only 2 meters away and he has started crying for help. But everyone is standing still. Many are busy with recording the event in their phones. The man is screaming with watery eyes. His lips are dry. Droplets of sweat are gathering on his temples. The train is 4 feet away and he has pulled his leg for the last time. The train is just about to touch him and he successfully is able to pull out his leg and the train has marched past him slowly lynching his cycle with metallic noise.

©Anirban Nanda

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