If I were the boy,
Like the one my screen
Loving the girl named Zerin.
I am the ‘Alienware’
And she is the pink ‘Sony vaio’.
I will send her beautiful screen-saver;
She would sing me a song.
Oh! Her adorable voice;
Let me be your rejoice.
May we fall in the same dust-bin
And I’ll kiss her back.
Oh! Her beautiful glossy one
Someone please stop me or I’ll begone.
She will not shiver;
I have my warmth.
She will not cry;
My strong body will hold her
If she dies;
Let me die before her.
Whence electrons will rest in peace
When we are of no use to them;
When they will throw us out;
Rain will fall.
And let it rain over me.
We’d not be remembered;
But I will sing for you
I will always be there for you…

©Anirban Nanda


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