Significance of my blog name: ALPHABET SPEAKS


Okay, I intend to post this historical, one-of-a-kind post, maybe for the first time; where a blogger writes a blog post about meaning of his blog page name. It’s very funny if you come to think of it.

So name of my blog is : ALPHABET SPEAKS.

On paper, it’s a very ordinary name meaning a bunch of letters in English language are speaking. Very ordinary.

Look closer. Let me break the title in two parts:



It’s the set of letters in English language. We all know that. Right? Now, if I write ALPHABET like this:

ALPHABET ALPHABET ALPHABET… on and on in circle. What do you see?

ALPHABETALPHABET… on and on in circle.

Two phrases are coming out: ALPHA, BETA. We all know them. They are two Greek alphabets which we majorly use in science and calculation. We also use them on another case.

In any project or work we use them to denote version. Right? Alpha version means a very premature state, whereas Beta means a better much improved state, but not the final perfect state, mind that.

So the meaning of ALPHABET(A) SPEAKS is simply this:

It’s the cry of a writer who continuously moving from alpha to beta, alpha to beta in circle but never reaching that perfection, never.


Now comes the Speaks part. Grammatically speaking, ‘Speaks’ is normally used in case of 3rd person singular number. But as mentioned above, alpha and beta are separate states, so ‘speak’ would have been much appropriate. But here, ‘speaks’ is signifying a singular entity of different stages as a writer.

I think I am clear enough. It’s my tendency from the very beginning of writing a story is to insert minute, insignificant riddles, metaphors and symbolism. I know very well that, none will notice them and none will care for them. But I keep that anyway, in hope that someday a reader would find that or at least doubt a mere simple line for something else.

So moral of this post is this: though few things may look like shit (generally); there maybe a hidden meaning in that. Try to look for it.

Thank you for reading. ❤ 🙂


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