[Book Experience] Domechild by Shiv Ramdas


Domechild by Shiv Ramdas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tomorrow it was past midnight and though I was aware that next morning (I mean today) I have to wake up early and catch a train, I was tensely reading this book clutching the cover and cursing the author for writing such a long book and making me stay awake so late. But it was worth it.

Contrary to expectation, I have found this book a proper mix of Orwellian dystopian and a GOT type thriller. But still, at the end of the book, I am satisfied and happy. The language is good, full of juice and humor proving the author’s mastery over words.

Like any other sci-fi novel this book opens in a futuristic world with total-vigilance on everyone. I was really excited about the theory to be developed later for this totalitarian society . And for that I was reading this book earnestly, waiting for the revelation. But it was sad that I had to wait till next half of the book where things got more complicated with every line. The book is a 100% sci-fi thriller with original thoughts on how our society would turn out if things present in today’s world go wrong. Shiv Ramdas has cleverly used the modern world technology for total vigilance. Here as everything in society is automated, the citizens are appointed for the sole purpose of monitoring everyone’s movement. They have a social network site where people get to check others’ profiles and chat with them (with fake smiles and words). In case, there is some discrepancy, the citizens have to report the same to the concerned officials. I think this is convincing enough in that world.

In midst of all these highly futuristic civilization, there is a different world altogether outside the city(of course the name of the city is Dome). When one timid person is thrown from such a systematic, mundane and fearful world to a wild, dark and addictive world, one can understand how interesting the adventure will going to be. And also, the hidden plot twists have emerged in such unexpected situations that the whole book has become a treat for sci-fi readers. I don’t want to spoil anything but the end few pages are so awesomely constructed that it leaves the reader desperately wanting to read the next part/installation.

I have deducted 1 star because of these:

1. The running through tunnels in mid-section seemed has been dragged too much. Almost 30 pages can easily be reduced.

2. The theory that has established the dystopian world in this book is quite convincing and original. The theory is this: a highly talented scientist with help of a company demystifies the working of human brain reveling which exact points of our brain is sensitive to what kind of information. The problem has arrived when that interface has become corrupted due to some conspiracy and thus making the same information act like a drug.
There is one thought of mine based upon the above theory. In that sense,the information or the digital data itself has the ability to control human brain by inducing exact signals at exact points of human brain. This gives the company the ability to control every human being in the way they have wanted and thus reducing half the effort by everyone(to control and to save). Anyway, this only is my personal thought.

Another good thing about this book is that, unlike other recent books, this one respects your IQ and let you figure out different subtle plot-points by yourself. I thank the author for that.

Well, what are you waiting for! Go give it a read. Highly recommended.
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