[Recently Read] Memoirs of Love

Memoirs Of LoveMemoirs Of Love

Edited by Arkaprava De and Jonali Karmakar

Completed this book a few days ago. A really compact and wonderful book. This book contains a collection of 20 love stories set in recent India and with theme of pain or joy in love which have an indelible imprint in our memory. That’s why the title ‘Memoirs of Love’. Now, let me go straight into stories. Not all the stories are awesome here and so I’ll point my favourites from the collection.

         Memoirs of Love

1. Love letters by Mitali Meelan :
This one is a real gem. A real eye opener. This is really important for it has handled a very sensitive and important topic and that too in a very nostalgic style of love letters. The ending shock is the central attraction of this story.

2. The Second Date by A Raja Rahul
Another innovative piece. Imagine you are the famous cupid in heaven and your remembering a love story that you organised and made happen. Got the idea? S, read it as it has real fun elements and an interesting plot.

3. Whispers of the night by Neeti Banga:  

WOW! this one, I love this one. Some literary aspects that matches with my mindset makes it one of my favourites.
a) Characters don’t have any name. (I love this idea. Even my story Dust from a butterfly have nameless characters.)
b) Poetic style. The language is poemlike.
c) Short, compact and emotional story.
What other reason one need to read this story?

4. Macaroons by Aniruddha KR
A very good story on childish love. A story encompassing two generations.

5. A letter from the past by Chandrapal Khasiya:
A fatherly love-story that will make you smile till the end.

6. The ignited passion of long lost emotion by Aparna Mukherjee
A nice love story. The angle with which a known emotion is handled is unique.

7. Rain- elixir of love by Aabha Pandey :
A winner for its language and emotion. A fine story.

8. Memoirs of love by Harshita Goel :
A unique story. How motherly love can become a wonderful experience is the key to this story. Small and nice.

Also stories like Never Again by Kavya Shah ; An Incomplete Heartbeat; Jab we met & A special day will have a special place in my heart.

This book demands a applause for its wonderful collection of love tales that will touch every human being.

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