Review: Brick Lane

Brick LaneBrick Lane by Monica Ali

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At last, I am able to finish this book. Phew!
This is a 500 page novel about Bangladeshis living in England and their problems. Our protagonist Nazneen who is left to her fate from the very birth is pictured, transformed and described beautifully.

Why I like this book:

>> Narration is tremendous and funny; also very very intricate.
>> All the characters are drawn with utmost care and every single negligible character is memorable.
>> Story is good and fresh and being a Bengali, I have felt deja vu kind of feeling with scenes and characters.

Few things I don’t like in this book are:
Somewhat slow and dragged story.
There are so many “as if”-s that it have seemed dull; but there are many instances where it actually have made the sentences funny.

Examples of few such sentences are:

Two old men in white panjabi-pyjama and skullcaps walked along the path, slowly, as if they did not want to go where they were going.


She never spoke to Abba after that, not that Nazneen saw. She always kept back the choicest bits of meat for Nazneen and Hasina. She kissed them all the time, even though they were fourteen and twelve. And she talked about Amma, over and over, as if you could change something by talking about it. ‘I don’t know why those spears were in the store, and wedged like that. So dangerous.’ Hasina always ran off when she started, but Nazneen just stayed and listened.


She took a handkerchief and wiped her mouth, as if clearing the way for the next story. Her eyes were small and hard like a bird’s; her white hair looked as if it would snap under a comb.

You’d find a minimum of 5 such sentences per page.

Overall this is a very good book, you should actually read it.

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