Review: Crossed and Knotted

Crossed & KnottedCrossed & Knotted by Sutapa Basu
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Actually it is 3.5 out of 5
I liked this book very much. The way every story is connected with other intimately and still each story can stand out for itself is an outstanding effort.
The following stories will have a special place in my heart.
1. The Diary of Joseph Varughese.
2. A Burning Candle
3. Leap of Faith
4. Look Beyond(The smallest and most beautiful chapter)
5. For a Speck of a Moment

Others are also good but the above are masterpieces. Few pitfalls of this book are:
1. Character of Rukhsana, later changed to Dimpy is not well conceived. She lost all her family member in a story and seemed to act in totally unexpected way in next story. Even she never tried to contact any of her family members; especially her brother.
2. Few Chapters are boring.
Otherwise, this is a well organised composite novel.

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