She Was a Saint



[CONTEXT OF THE POEM: Few days back in India, a group of young people raped a nun in a church. This is one of the rape incidents which shamed us all. Most ridiculous fact is; convicts ate chocolate a cake calmly after the offence!]

She was a saint.

As pure as sunrays,

As gracious as flowers,

Few snipped off the petals.


For she was a saint,

As innocent as child,

As shy as a bride,

And today she cried.


As she was a saint;

As disciplined as army,

As calm as still-water,

Lost her honor by a cutter.


Though she was a saint,

She still was entered;

Faced her sinister fate,

And they ate cake and chocolate!


Few ‘liked’ the news,

Some updated a status,

Fewer tried to mourn,

But still, she was a saint.


She never had a home,

For she had a church of stone─

And now she owns a room different;

It is a hospital-for-rent.


She never covered he face;

With always covered bodice.

Now she had a face hidden,

In a state bed-ridden,

With tattered heart and chest,

And hence, she was a saint.


May be once a day will come,

When we find a people some;

Full of respect and light,

To make us bright,

To help her fight,

And remove the night,

For the soul to chant─

“I am a saint.”

©Anirban Nanda


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