Book Review: Story of Tublu by Jahid Akhtar

“Story of Tublu” written by “Jahid Akhtar” is a wonderful debut for any writer. The tag-line of the story says ‘an amazing journey called life’ ─an apt tagline indeed! It is literally a journey of life; filled with every human emotion possible ─love, pain, loss, friendship, hate, jealousy and more. The story shows the transformation of adolescence to maturity which is done quite brilliantly for both Maina and Tublu ─our central characters. The jokes of Ganesh and mischief of Pranjal is so funny that it will make you laugh like a mad. Hostel life is described nicely and it will compel you to take a walk down your memory lane.

The infatuation and later turned love of Tublu is presented skillfully and small lovely encounter of Raja and Swati is sweet. The story is constantly moving, running faster than a Lamborghini 🙂 ! If you miss one paragraph, that will cost you a significant amount of story. The story has paced so smoothly that it is easy to complete it in one sitting.

Characters in ‘Story of Tublu’ are huge in number and each one is described as required. Major characters like Mr. Sharma, Tublu, Maina and Bipin are described nicely. Along with the main characters, I particularly love the characters of Pranjal and Swati as they’ve left a mark in their short appearances. Mrs Sharma’s superstition and communism seem misdirected ─she accepted quite easily the marriage of a Hindu with Christian, but was outrageous for the same of Hindu and Muslim; which is quite expected from our everyday experience. This book never tries to be artistic masterpiece but win your heart; hence, don’t expect J.M. Coetzee or Salman Rushdie from here. The story is a gripping read and fascinating tale for every person to enjoy.


Rating: 3 out of 5

Plus Point: Fascinating and gripping story till the end which can be finished in one sitting. If you want a fast and good story in a simple language; grab this one.

Minus Point: The novel is full of incidents. For this, some critically emotional situations could have been narrated more elaborately.

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Happy Reading!


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