When caroms stroke the board

When he almost had the game in first turn

When I forgot to look at the red

And he said ‘Nanda-lal’;’Nanda-lal’;

And I , giving the angry looks!

Precious moments were passing like a wind

What more to say

What more to say about him, about us…

Words are not enough to express; to celebrate.


When I just couldn’t stay at home in eve

When I rang the cycle-bell under his window

When he peeked from there

Like a just-woken-up nincompoop.

And we had our cycles

And we rule(d) the world

The kings of Haldia

The kings of heart.


Someday, when we’ll grow old

And suns will set,

Smiles-without-teeth will rise;

And we’ll paddle our cycles

Sing our non-rhythmic song;

Through our memory lane

Through our playful alley.

And we won’t stop, won’t stop

Till the sins fall down

And a new moon will rise

And a new us will rise.

©Anirban Nanda


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